Crochet FMA: Cik Bunga Lawang Pattern

Pattern instruction:

Here is my next level of face mask adapter. Have a try!

Cik Bunga Lawang FMA

Material : Crochet hook 4.00 mm, Yarn of DK worsted, Scissor to cut, Buttons, Tapestry needle.

Note: You can use any size of hook and yarn according to your preferences. The length of this face mask adapter is about 15 cm – 18 cm using the recommended yarn and hook .

Make a slip knot. Chain 2.

Row 1: (Make ss, ch1, ss, ch1, ss, ch2, 4dc cluster)in the 2nd chain from hook, ch5, turn

Row 2: (Make ss, ch1, ss, ch1, ss, ch2, 4dc cluster) in the ch2 space of previous row, ch5, turn

Repeat Row 2 until your desired length. Cut yarn, attach buttons on each corner of your work piece.



It does sounds easy and simple but please do not copy, distribute, record a video, upload, remake and sells this pattern without my permission. I put a lot of effort and hardwork to create this work so that you can make for yourself, friends and your loved one.

Youtube tutorial is available at :

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