Crochet Pattern: Kopiah Si Baby

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ch : chain, dc : double crochet, sc : single crochet, sts : stitches, ss : slip stitch

Pattern Kopiah Pagar untuk Baby 3-6 months old

Start with,

Chain 4.
Slip stitch in 1st chain to form a ring.

R1: 12 dc in ring.
R2: 2 dc in every sts = 24 dc
R3: (2dc.1dc.) repeat (..) till end
R4: (1dc.2dc.1dc.) repeat (..) till end
R5: (1dc.1dc.2dc.1dc.) repeat (..) till end

R6: (2dc.1dc.) repeat (..) till en


R7: (dc.ch1.skip1 dc.) repeat (..) till end

R8: (dc di ch1.dc di dc.) repeat (..) till end

repeat R7 & R8 as desired.
Last 2 rounds:
Do sc in every sts. Cut yarn. Weave it off.


Using 3.50mm hook % #nakohoşgeldinsoft or any DK yarn.
Always slip stitch to start a new round.
Chain 3 in every round is considered as dc.

full stop in written pattern represent one stitch.


Er Eroğlu

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