FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Baby Boy Strap Short Pants

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Disini, ingin saya kongsikan hasil pattern yang ditulis sepanjang menyiapkan seluar baby boy yang ditempah oleh seorang pelanggan. Berdasarkan contoh yang diberi, saya memberanikan diri untuk mencuba. Alhamdulillah, setelah mencuba jaya beberapa kali, akhirnya terhasil lah pattern ini. Design ini bukanlah design saya ya. Pattern bertulis sahaja yang merupakan hak milik saya. Semoga anda gembira mengaitnya ya! πŸ™‚

Crochet Baby Strap Short Pants


**Pattern and all pictures are copyrighted. No resell, no distribution in any forms. All rights reserved by Daknit.Com (please share the link only). You can sell the item made from this pattern for profits but not commercially*

0 – 3 months old
NAKO PIRLANTA ( Available for purchase at ) or any Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi)
4.50 mm crochet hook
3.50 mm crochet hook
9 sts x 5 rows = 2 inci x 2 inci
18 inci / 45.5 cm
Tapestry needle to sew seam
Scissor to cut yarn
Stitch marker to mark start
Buttons of your choice
CH = chain
DC = double crochet
SC = single crochet
SS = slip stitch
St/ Sts = stitch / stitches
1. Chain 3 is counted as dc. SS on every 3rd ch of ch 3.
2. Move your stitch marker along crocheting
3. MARKER is very important to identify the first stitch of the round. MAKE SURE you don’t lose count.
4. This short pants are crocheted top down
5. Ribbing about 2 cm from chain St.
6. Post dc through front dc of previous row.

With A colour, Ch 81 using 4.50 mm hook. Join last st with first st to form a ring. Be careful when join for not to twist. Place marker to mark your start.
Round 1 (RS): Ch 3, dc in the next 79 Sts. (80 sts)
Round 2 – Round 15 (RS): Ch3, dc in the next 79 Sts. (80 sts)
Cut yarn and fasten off.
Continue by making:
Right Leg:
Next round (Right side is facing you):
From marker, Ch 3 on the first st of the previous round, dc in next 18 Sts. NOW, skip 42 sts, then continue making dc on 62nd sts from marker, continue making dc in the next 19 sts. SS. (38 sts)
Continue making this round until you reach 3 inch or to your desired length.
SC on last row with COLOUR B.
Cut yarn, fasten off.
Left Leg:
From marker, ch 3 on 22nd Sts, dc in the next 37 Sts. SS on the 3rd ch of ch3. (38 sts)
Continue making this round until you reach 3 inch or to your desired length.
SC on last row with COLOUR B.
Cut yarn, fasten off.
You will notice a hole between legs. Sew the hole by using the tapestry needle.



With 4.50 mm hook and COLOUR B, make ch 3 on the first st of the first round, dc in the next 79 sts. Ss. (80 sts)
Round 1: Ch 3, post dc, *dc, post dc* repeat until the end. Ss.
Change hook to 3.50 mm size, continue ROUND 1 for 2-3 more rounds ( or to your desired length)
STRAP make 2:
Ch 60 (or to your desired length)
Ch3, 2 dc in the 4th ch from hook, dc in the next 59 ch, 6 dc in last ch, DO NOT TURN, continue making dc in the other way round till last Sts, 3dc. SS.
Sew straps on each side of the ribbing band (refer pic) by crossing the strap on each other. Attach buttons.
Tidy left over yarns. Done for show πŸ™‚

Note: Please contact me if you found any error with this pattern. I am not responsible for the result you gain by using my pattern if you knit with different yarns. Thank you for trying out this design! Do share with me your project using this pattern. Pattern is copyrighted. Hope you enjoy making my pattern πŸ™‚
Written and charted by,

Ery EROGLU/Ery Yusof.

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