Free Crochet Pattern: Easy Crochet Shrug TUTORIAL – DIY

Assalamualaikum, good evening!

Alhamdulillah, hari ini saya berkesempatan untuk membuat update baru di web ini. Kali ini, saya ingin kongsikan pattern mudah untuk dicuba kepada mereka yang baru belajar mengait crochet ataupun untuk mereka yang ingin mencari idea baru 🙂

Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to update my web today. This time, I would like to share an easy pattern for you to try out.Trust me, It’s very easy for the beginners or as well as for those who need a new idea on getting hooked!

Saya sudah lama berkeinginan untuk mengait shrug. Walaupun nampak mudah, tetapi disebabkan terlalu banyak projek yang hendak dilakukan, saya tangguhkan dulu niat ini. Sehinggalah saya mendapat benang kait yang sungguh glitter rupanya dan sangat menarik hati. Pada mulanya saya ingin mengait baju (knitting). Tetapi akibat tersilap ukur, Urghh! saya terpaksa membuka semula kaitan dan akhirnya tukarkan ia menjadi shrug. Pun begitu, saya berpuas hati dengan hasilnya 🙂

Shrug is one of my to-do-list project that I had put it on hold for too long. Though it looks easy to create one, but since I have too many projects i was working on at that moment, it has been delayed for many times. Until one day, I own this beautiful glitter yarns (KARTOPU KARSiM), the yarns immediately hooked me up. You know, at first, casting on a cardigan seems was a good idea for me, but oh well, I totally messed it up. Urgh! The size was too small for me to fit in (Was my own mistake for not being serious getting the right gauge) and without having second thoughts, I quickly unravel the project and start a new one, and guess what? Yep! I finally decided to start doing the shrug right away. Oh yes! I felt very satisfied with the result 🙂

Pattern yang akan saya sertakan dibawah ini bukanlah pattern penuh, memandangkan shrug ini dikait lama dulu (14. Oktober. 2015), maaf kata, saya memang tidak ingat berapa banyak yang saya chain dan bagaimana pattern ini berakhir. Namun, disini, saya akan bantu anda untuk mencuba dengan memberikan panduan melalui gambar dan sedikit cara hendak mengira ukurannya, insya Allah 🙂

The pattern that I will write down here is not a actually a pattern but it is more like a guide to you (so please do not come to me and say, I don’t see the pattern, ok?) since I did this few months ago (14. October. 2015), I apologize in advanced that I do not really remember how many chains I start with and how the pattern ended. But, I will help you by putting down a guide through the photos below and how to get your measurement correct, insya Allah 🙂

So, jom kita mula!

So, whats the wait? Let’s begin!


10256778_982997488390429_625468511771394561_oBeginilah rupanya selepas siap. Nampak glamorous dengan glitter-glitter tu kan? 🙂

This is how the shrug looks like at the end. Looking glamorous isn’t it? Hehe.. 🙂

(All instructions will be fully in English Language)


(Hook and YARNS are upon your choice)

Part 1

WIDTH: When you want to start making your shrug, first of all, be sure to check on your gauge first. Take some time to measure your width, which, at this point, from shoulder-to-shoulder-. To my concern, If you want the shrug to be more loose, you can add more width (like adding 5 inch more to each corner) so it won’t be that tight when you wear it. This tips can be apply to any size you desired.

LENGTH: As for the length, this information is crucial if you want it to be long enough to cover your back. :: >

If you want your whole back side covered, DO NOT measure your back as how you usually do (shoulder to waist). The reason is because you will not get the right measurement since you will need to fold each corner to form an armhole (sleeves) which will reduce the actual length to half. (Do you get what I mean? Sorry for my bad English, I did try my best to explain the situation here :)) Therefore, keep it in your mind that to get the length from shoulder to waist only after the square/rectangle is folded into two as how shown in the picture below. (The one that I did here covered only half of my back without border). So, play a bit with Math, alright? 😉

Part 2


As shown above, this is how it looks like once you start folding both corner and by joining the end of each side using any of your favourite stitch or technique, you will see that you will have two armholes (You can also add more length to form long sleeve if you want to) Anyway, If you like your shrug to have a border, you can start picking up stitch from any side of your last row/round and start stitching. In my case, I did DOUBLE CROCHET all around for 4-5 rounds and added shells for the edging (refer to bold thick blue line in the photo above – this is border). Once done, the shrug is ready to be shown off :). How then? That was easy, right? Here, for the body, I use (DC, CHAIN 1) in every rows to have that WAFFLE look and yeah, i love how it turns out! Perhaps, you can choose to do with complex stitch to provide more elegant look. Well, that’s up to you to decide! 😉


Hope this simpliest guide at least will help you to do your first shrug <3

Happy crocheting and have a nice day!

**Pattern and all pictures are copyrighted. No resell, no distribution in any forms. All rights reserved by Daknit.Com (please share the link only). You can sell the item made from this pattern for profits but not commercially*
Note: Please contact me if you found any error with this pattern. I am not responsible for the result you gain by using my pattern if you knit/crochet with different yarns. Thank you for trying out this design! Do share with me your project using this pattern. Pattern is copyrighted. Hope you enjoy making my pattern 🙂
Written and charted by, Ery EROGLU/Ery Yusof

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  1. Thank you the lovely pattern! Terima Kasih
    I have lived in Malaysia for 8 years and have great love for this beautiful country. My brother is married to Malaysian and I am proud auntie of two cuties and my dad also lives there. So I have a lot of ties with Malaysia. Hope to come and visit Malaysia again soon.

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