Knitting Pattern: Tassel Hat for Baby

Tassels Hat Pattern Tutorial
Knitting needles 4.50 mm
100 gram DK/Worsted yarn
Size (Baby 3 to 6 months old)

NOTE: You can adjust the size according to your desire. Different weight of yarns and size of needles used will produce different sizes than mentioned above.

CO – cast on
K- Knit
P – Purl
BO – Bind Off

Step 1:
Cast on 36 sts

RIBBING STITCH (combination of Row 1 & Row 2):

Row 1: K1, (K2,P2) repeat until last 3 sts, K3.
Row 2: K1, (P2,K2) repeat until last 3 sts, P2, K1.
Repeat Row 1 – Row 2 until your desired length.


Step 2:

Row 11: K36
Row 12: K1.P34.K1
Repeat Row 11 – Row 12 until you reach 24 cm from cast on.

Step 3:

When the length reach to 24 cm (or to your desired length) from cast on, continue to Step 1 by doing Ribbing before BIND OFF.

Video to BIND OFF in RIBBING PATTERN and how to sew seam (MALAY VERSION):

Step 4:

Make 2 tassels by following the tutorial provided below:

Attach and tie both tassels as show in picture below from inside and make sure to tie it tight so they won’t fall off easily.

Done and ready to be worn by your cute baby! 🙂

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