Saya sangat gembira dan berbesar hati dapat berkongsi pattern-pattern yang direka khas oleh saya untuk anda. Ada yang percuma, ada yang perlu dibeli. Insya Allah, saya akan cuba masukkan pattern-pattern baru sama ada yang ditulis oleh saya ataupun yang percuma dari designer-designer lain di blog ini untuk manfaat kita bersama.

Jika anda ada masalah dalam memahami pattern-pattern saya, jangan segan-segan untuk bertanya terus di email ataupun Jika anda mempunyai Ravelry, jangan lupa add saya – Snowhitery! <3

Koleksi pattern-pattern saya sejak 2010 :

A little of history – flashing  back!

I started to write down my own pattern after few months I learnt knitting, by the end of Nov 2009. I was so excited for my very first knitted cable hand phone cozy and recorded it down so that later of the day, I won’t forget how to make them again (oh, and you can find the pattern at 🙂 ). Since then, I feel very inspired and very eager to create more designs but…  it was just like that 🙁

The bad habit I will never fix is that I never follow the pattern instructions 100% and always they end up as how I like (Do you do the same too?).

Believe me, it turns out weird sometimes.. no kidding! So no photo too! By the way, after few years getting hooked and being a knitting addict, I feel that I really need to write down and record every project I made cause I don’t have that good memory to remember everything I make.

So, here it is! I am very happy to see the progress I made so far and Alhamdulillah, Ravelry gives me that chance to publish them and enable me to share them with everyone. So I would like to say thousands of thank you to all of you for supporting my patterns and hope I will come up with more exciting patterns in the future. Insya Allah. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me and thank you for all the suggestions you shared with me. Hope you will enjoy making them as how i enjoy making them too. May Allah swt bless us all.
Any suggestions and comments are welcomed! 🙂
My Ravelry Pattern Store:

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